Developed by an Australian owned company, edifi© combines a standard technology framework and simple to use apps to transform the way Australian schools use and share information.

Put simply, edifi© overcomes the problem facing every school of too much data and not enough information. edifi© provides Australian schools with the fast track access to data analysis and reporting required to deliver better learning outcomes for every student.

edifi© provides schools with fast track access to essential information – but data alone cannot improve student learning outcomes. The true value of edifi© and edifi© apps is the ability to proactively explore and exploit this information to drive better decisions. edifi© Decision Making introduces a step by step approach to data discovery, creating a culture of information exploration that will enable a school to improve its understanding of trends in performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

What is edifi for schools?

Put simply, edifi is designed to enhance student support and better engage parents. Watch our video below to find out more. 

Visit YouTube to see our Principal, Teacher and Parent App videos. 

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How does edifi benefit your school?

Empower principals and teachers

School administrators gain better insight into information to improve learning outcomes and ensure teachers, students and parents are fully engaged in the education process.

Enable targeted student support

Providing rapid access to the most up-to-date information about students in each class is key to giving teachers back teaching time and enhancing their ability to tailor teaching to specific student needs.

Engage parents in their children's education

Better informed parents are more engaged. With edifi parents, parents can gain real time access to a child’s academic progress, absenteeism and behaviours.

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